Project  Generator
Create BIM Projects from SEPS Live

Automatically create projects from SEPS BIM Excel Export files.

1. Enter Your User Name and Password. If you do not have an account, click on get free account.
2. Type in Project Name
3. Select Location on Map by drawing a polygon.
4. Select BIM Excel File(s) exported from SEPS.  (currently only works with VA projects)
                         Here is a sample Excel file that can be uploaded.
5. Click proceed and log in to view project.
6. Edit BIM in Revit, SketchUp, Onuma. View SEPS data in Excel.

View Video Tutorial

Note: The Project Generator currently generates BIMs from VA projects exported from SEPS as BIM Excel files.
To create spaces and equipment use the SEPS Space and Equipment Aggregator.
To create BIM Departments use the SEPS  Department Aggregator.

The Project Generator is provided as a free tool to use “AS IS” 
The BIM objects and spaces are the latest known data from the posted VA Space standards and SEPS and there may be inconsistencies between these standards that the user needs to resolve for actual design and construction projects.