United States Army Corps of Engineers Seattle -  Hackathon 1.26.16~Ongoing

On January 26, 2016 a group convened at
the USACE Seattle offices to initiate a Hackathon.
A decision was made to focus on the SEP2BIM process.
The intent is to continue this Hackathon and add more participants.

BIMStorm Healthcare @ AEC Hackthon Awards 6.25.15

Two Tracks for The Healthcare BIMStorm Teams

To Be Continued... Join Now

BIMStorm Healthcare is an ongoing event. 
Join to watch, design or hack at healthcare data from SEPS.

The Challenge is:
Hack healthcare data and use it for design solutions
Make the data accessible to software developers.
Be on one team or both...

Healthcare BIMStorm @ AEC Hackathon Description

SEPS2BIM has tons of real world healthcare facility data directly accessible from the owners’ database. This data is perfectly set up to be linked, used, reformatted and driven into new applications.

The data is accessible through easy to use utilities that can be driven into BIM.
APIs also enable direct linking through web services.

This is an unprecedented opportunity that was just opened up for consultants and developers to show what can be done for large owners. 

Others are invited to join this team and work on specific tasks or identify areas of your interest.
Select one or two modules to work on.

Some areas of interest:

1. View a default space standards with equipment. Download to BIM, edit and post back recommended layout.
2. Use the SEPS sample project, resolve the design in BIM and post the result back.
3. Link to the SEPS Project Web Service as the project progresses and link it to your application.
4. Use the SEPS Master Table or 1691 Equipment web service and create a report on the web or mobile device.
5. Or create your own workflow.

The AEC Hackathon SoCAL is done, but this BIMStorm Healthcare will continue. Join the teams.


Step #1: Sign Up Here:

Signing up will give you access to the BIMStorm Teams 

Step #2: Select Your Track(s):

If you:
Know BIM / Don't Know BIM
Know SEPS / Don't Know SEPS
(it does not matter)
Can Design
Have Domain Knowledge of 
Medical Equipment
Have 5 Min. / 5 Hours / 5 Days
And are interested in learning
and / or showing what you can do

You Fit into the #1 Design Category!
Interact in one or more of the following ways:


Create a Live BIM from SEPS

Now that SEPS2BIM has surfaced BIM data and made it public, it is possible for anyone to quickly pull up data and associated BIMs in 2D and 3D format of what is currently in the SEPS Standard. This task is a starting point to understand the simplicity of using these utilities.

This task is to:

1. Use the online SEPS2BIM utilities to generate  
Space(s) and Equipment BIMs
2. Department BIMs from SEPS

3. View the result Online or iPad
4. Open the BIM in  SketchUp, Revit, or Onuma
5. Save an Excel File of Space and Equipment
4. Save a COBie File
6. Send a link to the resulting file to another BIMStorm participant as a BIM Mail Link

Time to Complete:  5 – 15 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner – No Prior Experience in BIM or SEPS Needed


Design a Typical Space or Department

Using the output from Part 1A above, make recommendations for design changes to the VA Space Standards using BIM and submit those recommendations back to the BIMStorm teams. Owners such as VA and DHA update and maintain their space standards of typical spaces and departments in a manual way with documents that then get input into SEPS.  Now with the SEPS2BIM process it is possible to make this more efficient.  

Do one or all of the following.
1. Demonstrate how your design expertise can feed back into a workflow that updates the SEPS2BIM data.
2.  Make a recommendation of the layout of a room and equipment.
3. Make a recommendation about the type of equipment, reference a product and create a new BIM object geometry of that product.
4. Submit the results back to the BIMStorm teams.

The recommended format is  to use BIM but even a hand sketch will do. The most valuable part of this task is your knowledge of facility planning, and medical equipment and interaction with the other participants.

Time to Complete:  10 - 90  Minutes
Skill Level: Designer


Design a Project Using SEPS BIM Excel Export

Live Project has Been Set Up in SEPS and Connected to BIM Here >

This project is accessible to teams that can then use this to resolve the design.  
Or use a program requirement project of a dental clinic submitted by Innova from SEPS.
Or create your own project.

This task is to:

1. Use the sample project data to design a project.
2. Edit space layout and equipment layout.
3. Spot and identify potential problems in the current space standards that you see in the BIMs.
4. Submit the result back to the BIMStorm team or upload it back into the server.

Data from this project will also be made accessible live
through RestFUL web services as the project progresses to be used by the programming team.

Time to Complete:  8 - 24 Hours
Skill Level: BIM and Design Skills


Interact with Program Team

All data in parts 1A-1D will be made accessible live with this link to the Program Team. 
They will be able to use the data to link to their solutions or create new solutions.
Design teams are not required to interact with the Program Teams directly, but if you this task will encourage and acknowledge positive results.  For example  the Design Team can start a direct discussion with the Program Teams and come up with unique solutions that would not have been possible in isolation.

Time to Complete:  Varies
Skill Level: Varies


Link to Facility Operations

1. Use the data above to demonstrate how it will be used in facility operations.
2. Export to COBie
3. Link to facility operation tools
4. Create new tools
5. Submit Work Orders

Time to Complete:  Varies
Skill Level: Varies


Your Choice!

The tasks are not limited to just the ones listed above.  A design hack would be to identify and create your own task.

Time to Complete:  Varies
Skill Level: Varies

Calling software developers who want to see what can be done when you have a ton of big BIM data from facility design, construction, and building/site operations; this hackathon is a great way to collaborate intensively on software projects that use real building data for real impactful outcomes.

Come reimagine the facility life cycle  with us..

You Fit into the #2 Program Category!
Interact in one or more of the following ways:


Connect to SEPS

 Connect to data through Web Services. 
As the project is being developed, the data from it will be accessible
in real time through RESTful web services here.

The  SEPS Master Tables and 
1691 Equipment Data can be used to start this.  
Link these standards to BIM.

Demonstrate links to this data.

Time to Complete:  Varies
Skill Level: Varies


Create Reports with SEPS Project Data

Link to the SEPS Project Web Service and Create Reports

Links will be posted here on 6.24.15

Time to Complete:  Varies
Skill Level: Varies


Create Applications for the BIM Lifecycle

Create applications that link to lifecycle data.

Live links to the facility with RESTful Webservices

Live COBie output from the Facility

Submit a Work Order!

Time to Complete:  Varies
Skill Level: Varies


Your Choice!

The tasks are not limited to just the ones listed above.  A Developer hack would be to identify and create your own task.

Time to Complete:  Varies
Skill Level: Varies

The  guidelines in the tabs above are starting points.
Be creative and connect with other teams to link solutions together. 


Step #3: Healthcare Hack!

Tools  for the BIMStorm Healthcare Hackathon:




Building Catalyst


Google Earth

Onuma System Web Application

Onuma 3D iPad Application


3D Warehouse


SEPS2BIM Space and Equipment Aggregator

SEPS2BIM Department  Aggregator

SEPS2BIM Project Generator

Space and Equipment Planning System (Log in Required)


More tools will be added as the Hackathon Progresss

Technologies  for the BIMStorm Healthcare Hackathon:

RestFul Webservice of Project Data

1691 Equipment Webservice

SEPS Master Tables Webservice


More technologies will be added as the Hackathon Progresss

Step #4: Watch the BIMStorm 

AEC Hackathon met BIMStorm in this live event. 
Recorded webinars for the BIMStorm AEC Hackathon.

DAY 0 – Kick off Webinar – 6.25.15 Video:


Picasa Web Album of Progress of BIMStorm @ AEC Hackthon


AEC Hackathon SoCal Site >>


Owner Data Services Enabled by:

Visionary owners who have made their data  accessible through open connections on the web have enabled solutions to be linked and new functionality developed.


Department of Veterans Affairs
SEPS Strategic Plan


Department of Defense
Defense Health Agency
SEPS Strategic Plan


SEPS Developer
Set up:
Master Tables
Web Service


Hosting SEPS
1691 Web Service
SEPS Web Service

Participated in BIMStorm Healthcare @ AEC Hackathon

Teams have jumped into the BIMStorm to demonstrate the potential
with real solutions.

Teams that submit solutions are listed below in order of participation.


Hosting the BIMStorm Healthcare Teams for the AEC Hackathon 


 Space Utility
Department Utility
Project Tools
Open RESTful API


SEPS Object Library
Links to SEPS Data through Plug In Development
3D Warehouse


Cloud Collaboration
API Development
Industry Applications

The Innova Group

Medical Planning/Medical Equipment Planning
SEPS Consultant
Generate SEPS Space and Equipment Data. Interact with Designers


Capital Equipment
Planning and Budgeting
Webservice to Attainia Data
to Connect to SEPS


Medical Equipment
BIM Product Specific Objects
Revit and add SketchUp

4 Site Presss

Publishers of
BIG BIM little bim
Promote BIMStorm

Asset Enabler Network

Asset Management Consultant
Interact with Facility Data

Design Atlantic

Use SEPS data and BIM for Renovation Project

Balfour Beatty

Design and Cost Estimate



4D Pipeline

FED iFM App Developer
Interact with SEPS2BIM

Building Catalyst

Facility Planning and Information Modeling
Cost and Reporting


Design, Construction
Automatic Room Placement using SEPS Data

HFR Design


BIM Education

Embedded Reporter


SEPS2BIM Object Data 
and Process Review


Converted Medical Equipment Library to Archicad and Updated Plug in to work with SEPS2BIM

USACE Seatte

Initiated a SEPS2BIM Hackathon in Seattle

buildingSMART alliance

Participated in USACE Seattle Hackathon


Participated in USACE Seattle Hackathon


Participated in USACE Seattle Hackathon

Join The Ongoing Hackthon!


Medical Planners
Software Developers


More apps coming soon.  If you have a solution let us know.
Please let your vendor know about connecting to SEPS.