SEPS2BIM Videos - Part 2

A.2 - Exporting Large Project from SEPS for BIM

Exporting large project files from SEPS to BIM Excel. Exporting by Departments.

A.3 - Export Master Tables from SEPS to Excel

How to export Master Tables from SEPS of default spaces and equipment as Excel files. 

A.4 - SEPS Data to BIM Spaces

How to edit spaces in BIM using the ONUMA System, Revit and SketchUp

B.1 - MILSTD 1691 Medical Equipment Database used by SEPS

How to access and search the public database of 1691 Equipment

B.2 - BIM Objects of 1691 Medical Equipment for SEPS

MILSTD 1691 Objects available as Revit, SketchUp and Onuma System BIM for use in SEPS.

C.1 - Import SEPS BIM Excel to BIM

How to import a Project BIM Export (Excel) from SEPS into BIM using the ONUMA System and create SEPS driven project.

C.2 - SEPS Spaces & Equipment with Onuma System

How to edit spaces and equipment from SEPS in BIM using the ONUMA System

D3 – SketchUp 3D Warehouse & 1691 Equipment

Overview of SketchUp 3D Warehouse and the MILSTD 1691 Equipment

D 4 – SEPS to Onuma  &

How to use SEPS generated BIMs in the ONUMA System and SketchUp to support creating Room Guide Plates

D 5 – Space Aggregator to BIM Onuma SketchUp

How to generate BIM spaces from SEPS using the Free Online Tool.

D6 –  Department 
Aggregator to
Onuma 3D

Generating a department from SEPS and viewing on Onuma 3D on iPad

D 8 – Space Equipment Aggregator

How to use the SEPS2BIM Space & Equipment Aggregator Utility to generate default BIMs and Equipment Templates

D 9 –Department Aggregator 

How to use the SEPS2BIM Department Aggregator Utility to generate default BIMs of Departments

D11 – Medical Equipment and BIM

SEPS2BIM generates project in ONUMA and links to Attainia data. Objects in BIM can be associated with QR Codes...

Checking SEPS Requirements with BIM